Oblique moulders from the BERTRAND-PUMA range are designed specifically for use in baking and baking/pastry-making.

Oblique moulders are used for the rolling out and moulding of dough for the production of baguettes and long breads, large and small .This appliance replaces manual moulding and therefore saves time.

These products from the BERTRAND-PUMA range are oblique moulders which can be either placed on a surface or wall-mounted.

Oblique moulders from the BERTRAND-PUMA range can be placed on a base fitted with castors, on intermediate proofers or mounted on a wall rail.



  • The structure is composed of 2 stainless steel frames linked by metallic braces
  • The sheeting unit consists of 2 plastic cylinders (food grade), fixed on tight ball bearings and of a 3rd cylinder enabling the approach of the dough piece
  • The adjustment of the spacing to the elongation is provided by a system of links and joints, and a control lever
  • Every rotating parts are mounted on sealed ball bearings
  • The motorization of the mechanical part is assured by a motor, protected by a thermal circuit-breaker
  • The scrapers (food grade) are easily removable, they permanently clean the cylinders
  • The dough pieces enter easily in the moulder thanks to a centralizing spout
  • The articulated spout (stainless steel) protects the operator
  • An extractable drawer covered with felt, receives the moulded pieces coming out of the machine.


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